Tench (Tinca Tinca)


Tench (Tinca Tinca)

Tench, A thickset, heavy bodied fish, which is distinct from all other members of its family. Body rounded, tail deep. The head is relatively large, the mouth terminal with a single barbel at each corner, the eyes are small and reddish. Fins all rounded, body scales tiny and deeply embedded.

Tench coloration, deep greeny brown above with bronzy sides and a yellowish tinge to the belly.


Tench are found mainly in lakes and pools, and sometimes lower reaches of rivers. It can live in heavily silted, densely weeded areas, where few other fish could survive. Very tolerant of high temperatures and low oxygen levels.


Mainly a bottom feeder eating crustaceans, aquatic insects, molluscs and a considerable amount of plant material.


Spawns in late spring and early summer, laying its eggs amongst vegetation. The eggs are greenish in colour and hatch in 6-8 days.


Found in many still waters in the UK. The current UK tench record is 15lb 3oz.

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