Roach (Rutilus Rutilus)


Roach (Rutilus Rutilus)

Roach are moderately deep bodied with a small head, young fish are more slender. Head scaleless, body with large scales, 42-45 in the lateral line. Dorsal and anal fins both short based, anal fin with 9-11 branched rays. The dorsal fin of the roach lies vertically above the base of the pelvic fins.

Roach coloration, distinctive, iris of the eye red, pelvic and anal fins orange to bright red, pectoral fins reddish. Dorsal and tail fins dusky. Back blue greeny brown, sides intensely silver.


Lowland lakes and rivers, especially slow flowing rivers. Particularly common where there is good weed growth.


Eats aquatic insect larvae, insects, crustaceans, snails and a lot of plant matter. Young roach will eat small crustaceans such as water fleas.


Roach spawn April-June, shedding its yellowish eggs over plants, algae and even tree roots. The eggs stick to the vegitation and hatch in 9-12 days.


Another species which can be found throughout the UK. The current UK roach record is 4lb 3oz.

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