Pike (Esox Lucius)


Pike (Esox Lucius)

The Pike has a ong, torpedo shaped body with dorsal and anal fins close to the tail fin. Head pointed from side view, snout flat. The lower jaws with several massive fangs, hundreds of small sharp teeth on palate.

Pike coloration, greenish brown above, the sides greenish, flecked with golden lines and speckles on sides, sometimes forming bars. The colour pattern is specific to the individual.


Pike inhabit lakes and slow flowing rivers or canals. Young fish often lie close to the surface amongst plants, adults lurk in deep water under cover, typically lie hidden in vegetation.


Juveniles eat invertabrates, young fish, tadpoles, etc, adults eat fish, frogs, water voles, and the largest will eat ducklings and other water birds occasionally.


Pike spawn in the early spring. Often 2-3 males accompany the much larger female. The eggs are shed over water plants. They will mature in 2-3 years.


Pikle are found in may waters throughout the UK. The current UK pike record is 46lb 13oz.

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