Gudgeon (Gobio Gobio)


Gudgeon (Gobio Gobio)

A slender bodied fish with a curved back, gudgeon have a flattened belly and rather large head. Body round in cross section, compressed towards the tail. Mouth on the ventral srface of the head with a barbel at each corner, lips thick. Body with rater large scales 38-44 in lateral line, head scaleless. Both dorsal and anal fins are short on gudgeon.

Gudgeon coloration greeny brown on the back, yellowish on the sides with a series of large dusky patches. Cream ventrally. Dorsal, tail and anal fins heavily spotted.


A bottom living fish found in rivers and lakes, it prefers slow flowing areas, but may be found upstream in moderate currents. In lakes and still waters it is most abundant were there are gravel bottoms.


Gudgeon feed on ottom living insect larvae, crustaceans and molluscs. In still waters the young fish eat planktonic organisms.


Sexual maturity is reached in the second to third year. Spawning takes place in the early summer in shallow water at night, usually over sandy gravel.


Can be found throughout the UK. Can also be caught in large numbers. The Current UK gudgeon record is 5oz.

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