Anyone who has been fishing will know how beneficial angling is at boosting mental health and wellbeing. Angling Trust ‘Get Fishing for Wellbeing – Approved’ delivery partners are quality assured organisations that can deliver consistently high-quality experiences and benefits of angling activity, prescribed to people with mental health and wellbeing needs.

Get Hooked on Fishing is a ‘Get Fishing for Wellbeing – Approved’ delivery partner and helps provide positive opportunities for young people and communities and are one of the Angling Trust’s Key Delivery Partners.

Get Hooked on Fishing is a huge force in helping people from less-resourced communities, and those who do not fit with more conventional education programmes to seek solace for mental health and wellbeing, and behavioural or learning issues, via the restorative and life-changing benefits of simply going fishing.

Our charity delivers fun and interactive training around the sport of angling that is designed with the help of young people to give the participants more confidence and to demonstrate that there are alternative pathways and better opportunities available to them.

We train and develop peer mentors and encourage young people to take part in how we run local schemes. We work with young people aged 6+ and have a track-record in delivering social inclusion, improvements in school attendance and achievement.

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